Retail POS

Retail Front Advantage

We are providing software solutions for small and huge companies, hotels, chains and franchises, and Points of Sale for Hospitality and retail. Our software is an advanced and full-featured point of sale solution for cafes, pizza bars, hair and beauty, hotels and many more industries.

Hotels, Bars & Clubs

RetailPOS Advantage targets bars & clubs with a simple yet powerful stock control system that allows stock set-up in real-world terms like mls (millilitres) and lts (litres) rather than the often-used fractional values.

Fruit ‘n’ Veg

RetailPOS Advantage targets the fruit ‘n’ veg industry with NMI (National Measurement Institute) approved software for use with Integrated Sales.

Hair & Beauty

RetailPOS Advantage targets the hair & beauty industry with a simple but powerful booking system, commissions for both products (e.g. shampoo) and services (e.g. blow-dry), and the ability to allocate a commission to a specific staff member.

Pizza Bars & Fast Food

RetailPOS Advantage targets the pizza bar & fast food industries with a powerful and customisable offer system that can handle the complex deals usually associated with pizza bars.

Restaurants & Cafes

Built-In: Customer Loyalty, Membership, Rewards, Offers, Specials, VIP Discounts, Happy Hour, Vouchers, Customer Marketing, SMS/E-mail, Integrated Web Store, Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!

Retail & Lay-By

With ten report categories and over 100 reports in total (full version only), you have complete control. You can also export sales data to accounting programs such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks.


Fully customisable menu layout for a quick search of the selling products.


RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software has a sophisticated real-time menu designer that operates on the WYSIWYG principal. This means What You See Is What You Get. So you lay out your menus in the interactive designer and your menus will look like this in the sales screen when you are serving your customers.

Menus can contain other sub-menus and products can be linked to a menu (called a pop-up menu) so that when the product is selected, the menu opens up asking for more detail, such as how a steak is cooked.